Easy Egg Science Experiments for Kids 2020

 Eggs can be found in any kitchen. Not only are eggs yummy and healthy but they are great material for kids' science experiments. With eggs, we can do a lot of amazing science experiments for kids. Discovering the physical and chemical properties of eggs is a great way to spark kids' curiosity about the science world. These are jam-packed with learning. Kids will LOVE watching their egg “magically” transform! I’ve made together with a collection of easy egg science experiments for kids' interest.

Easy Egg Science Experiments for Kids 2020

Most of you might believe that these Egg STEM projects and egg science experiments are only perfect for Easter, but really they are perfect for any time of the year. Go and grab some eggs and get started!

Turn Egg into Silver

Impossible to turn silver into gold? Don't worry. You can turn a normal egg into silver, on the other hand. Wow, can we make money out of this? I am sorry. It is just a trick but you can make a lot of fun and learn some basic science knowledge out of it with your kids. Let’s go.

Rubber Egg

Rubber Egg is a great science experiment to learn some chemistry. The vinegar dissolves the eggshell eggshells leaving what looks like rubber to embrace the contents. The most amazing part is that this rubber egg can be bounced like a rubber ball. By adding some highlighter refill, We also make some glow in the dark! After all, it is glow-in-the-dark rubber egg. Is there any kid who can resist this one?

The stronger acid the quicker the eggshell will be dissolved. This one below on Amazon has a great effect.

Floating or Sinking Egg Science Experiment

Have you ever wondered why some stuff float in water and others sink? This Floating Egg experiment we gonna show you will give you an answer and can teach your kids some science facts about density in a visible way. We also draw some emojis on the egg to make it more attractive to kids. This is a perfect idea to try at home with kids. Now let’s have a look at it.

Egg Denatured in the Alcohol

As we all know that the Protein becomes solid when cooked. That is because the protein in the egg is denatured. Yet, do you know that there are still lots of methods to denature the protein? This egg experiment helps your kids better understand the feature of protein. Lots of children do this in their science fair experiment. 

Suspended Egg

Have you ever wondered why some stuff float in water while others sink? Just one egg needed to explain the question. Grab one and let's get started.

Grow Eggshell Geodes Crystal

Crystals exert such fascination on kids. In this experiment, we will cover the eggshell with clear crystals. It is shiny. It is beautiful. It is fun. It is the best idea to try at Easter with kids. The outcome is also a great decorating idea.

If you do not want to spend too much effort in finding all the materials to conduct this experiment, you can have the growing cristal kit on Amazon.

Egg In the Bottle

Use air pressure to push an egg into a bottle. This is a classic science experiment. You put an egg on the bottle mouth and wait for it to be suck in the bottle. The moment it pops in, there probably would be Wow! Then how did you do that? These are some of the best words most parents want to hear. Nothing like science to get the kids intrigued and wondering how something works. 

You can Stand on the Egg

It is hard to believe that we can stand on the fragile egg. It does happen as long as you learn the secret. The special oval shape distributes the weights on it. Let’s explore this now.  

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