String Pull Painting - Easy Art Project

I found an amazing painting technique that will make almost anyone an artist!  It’s called String Pull Painting.  The results are so professional looking artwork but it is quite easy to draw once you know the secret.

String Pull Painting

String Pull Painting is perfect for all ages, kids, grown-ups alike!  It is a great summer project to do at home or in class.  Most of all, this String Pull Painting art project only requires simple supplies, paper, liquid watercolors, and string, which most people are probably already have at home. Nothing special is required.

It is always a good idea to turn this painting into greeting cards. Is there any better idea than decorating your home with yourself created painting? Hang them in the living room, bedroom… or even just the fridge. 

The material list below contains affiliate links that will lead you to products on Amazon which are similar to what we used to do this painting. I believe that this will help you in searching for the right materials if you do not have some right at hand. 


                                           Watercolor                String                 Pieces of paper 


Step 1/4: Add some watercolors into a tray.

It’s easy to work but does not screw up by the paint which does tend to fly. Just a kind reminder before you get started.

String Pull Painting  step 1

Step 2: Coat your string in paint

Soaking almost the entire length of the string into the paint apart from the end you are going to grab. Make sure the string is completely covered with color. Once you make it, the paint covered string shouldn’t be goopy or clumpy. Wearing gloves for this part is a great idea if you do not want your fingers to get a  badge of the rainbow. You also can use a wooden stick to push the string into the paint.

String Pull Painting  step 2

Step 3: Arrange the string into position

Arrange the string on the side of your paper that will stay on the table when you shut your book. You can make loops, squiggles, whatever you want. To make your painting look more of a flower, you will at least include one loop when you lay your string on the paper. It's totally up to you and different positions and loops you put, different effects you will get. This is what makes the painting unique. There’s no wrong way to place a string! Get your style! 

String Pull Painting  step 3

Step 4: pull and get your String Pull Painting

All you need to do is to pull slowly. Someone uses another piece of paper to put on the string and press it a little bit to make it easier to pull. That works too I just do not want to waste another piece of paper. If you find it hard without a piece of paper on it. Go and get one that will help. 

String Pull Painting  step 4

String Pull Painting  step 5


1. You can use different kinds of materials to have different string pull painting styles, materials like yarn, thread, twine, ribbon, and anything you can imagine. Just give it try and you will see if it works. Try different thicknesses and material of string to get different effects. Someone even uses a beads chain to make this String Pull Painting, Yes, It does have a fabulous effect if you want to reach a more advanced level you can try the beads chain.

Chain Pull Painting Flowers

2. You can do it with different colors over and over again on the same paper to make a bunch of flowers. 

Colorful pull string flower

3. You can even make one flower with different colors by making the different parts of the string different colors.

Colorful pull string flower

4. Instead of flowers, you can create other paintings too. just open your imagination and paint with no limitation.
String pull painting fan

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