The Best Science Experiments Website List for Kids

The Best Science Experiments Website List For Kids

A complete list of kid's science experiment websites so that children, parents, and teachers can seek inspiration for science experiments. 

Curious about how to do science activities with your kids? Here's a list of great science experiments for kids that you can do right at home or at school. You will find hands-on, challenging and inspiring STEM activities for all ages!

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The Best Science Experiments Website List For Kids

Explore, Play, Discover: Websites, Activities, and More.

In no particular order.

 Science Experiments & Science Kits 

MEL Science Logo

MEL Chemistry experiments:

MEL Physics experiments:

Steve Spangler Science Logo

Steve Spangler Science

Experiment library:

Home Science Tools Logo

Home Science Tools

Science projects: h

Kiwi Co Logo

Kiwi Co

Science projects for kids:

Arts & Crafts ideas:

Science Buddies

Science Kits:

Teacher's Guide to Science Projects:

Incredible Science Logo

Incredible Science


 Science Experiments 

Sciencebob Logo



Science Q&A:

ThoughtCo Logo


Safe Science Experiments:

Exploratorium Logo


Science Snack:

Science Activities:

Love My Science Logo

Love My Science

Science Experiments List:

Kids Science Facts:

Science Kids Logo

Science Kids

Science experiments for kids:

Science Facts:

Cool Science Experiments HQ Logo

Cool Science Experiments HQ

Science Experiments:

Home Science Logo

Home Science

Science Sparks Logo

Science Sparks

The Dad Lab


STEAM Powered Family Logo

STEAM Powered Family

STEM Activities and Science Experiments:

The Homes School Scientist Logo

The Homes School Scientist

Chemistry Experiments:
Biology Experiments:
Physics Experiments:

STEAM Sational Logo

STEAM Sational
Science Activites:
Science Experiments:

Generation Genius
K-8 Lesson:

Little Bins for Little Hands Logo

Little Bins for Little Hands

STEM activities:

The BEST slime making experience:

Left Brain Craft Brain Logo

Left Brain Craft Brain

STEAM Projects:

STEAM Kids Books:

instructables logo



Education Projects:

Ronyes Tech Logo
Ronyes Tech
Science Experiments:

The Science Kiddo Logo

The Science Kiddo

Science Experiments for Kids:

Living Life and Learning Logo

Living Life and Learning

Science Activities:

Teach Beside Me Logo

Teach Beside Me


I Game Mom

STEM for Kids:

Science experiments are usually basic, but they can help spark a love of science and discovery in a child that will follow them throughout their life.

If you would like to supplement this list with us, please leave a message. Let us gather more inspiration together.

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