Vegetable Themed Papercraft for Toddlers

Looking for fun age-appropriate crafts for your little one?  Today, let’s talk farm theme ideas! 

What kid doesn’t love farm life? This papercraft (perfect for the younger crowd, like preschoolers and kindergarteners. ) is sure to get the children’s imagination going. These crafts are to say that older kids won’t enjoy them! It is just that some are educational while some are just plain fun. It doesn’t matter how young or old.  Just go ahead with whatever you like!

Vegetable themed Papercraft for toddlers

 A farm and harvest theme is good for the whole year!  Plant veggies and harvest them. Kids learn we have to pay something to get things.

Vegetables are so cool when you can draw them, create with them!
 Your kids are sure to learn to love veggies after doing these super cool vegetable activities.

Material list:


Step 1/6 - Draw several separated wave patterns on the ground where your vegetable gonna be growing from. Draw some small dots around the wave pattern to make it more vivid. 
Vegetable themed Papercraft for toddlers

Step 2/6 - Slice an opening along the wave pattern.
Vegetable themed Papercraft for toddlers

Step 3/6 - Fix the ‘ground’ on another piece of paper.
Vegetable themed Papercraft for toddlers

Step 4/6 - Draw on the paper whatever vegetables you like and a basket to store them. Cut them down.
Vegetable themed Papercraft for toddlers

Step 5/6 - Slice an opening on your basket so that the vegetables can slide in.
Vegetable themed Papercraft for toddlers

Step 6/6 - Slide the vegetables in the ground and then take it to the basket. Have fun.
Vegetable themed Papercraft for toddlers

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This DIY Cardboard Puck Game went viral on my Pinterest account. You are not to miss this one.

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