DIY Homemade Bubble Machine - DIY Toy for Kids

A bottle of bubbles means it’s going to be a great day to spend in the open air. It’s a carefree, therapeutic activity, blowing bubbles. What kid doesn't love bubbles?   The old-fashioned bubble is still loads of fun What’s more fun than bubbles? Exactly! More bubbles.

Recently, I’ve been thinking there’s got to make a bubble machine because I want this summer to be more special.  To make a bubble machine there are two things needed: a ring filled with some bubble making liquid and air that blows bubbles from that. In most smaller bubble machines this is done by a blower fan at the back of the machine  (I decide an electronic fan do this job in my homemade bubble machine)  and a rotating ‘flower’ of bubble-making rings in the front (A plastic cup and some bottle cap lid will do this job ).  And, finally, I came up with this bubble machine powered with a small electronic fan.

The tools and materials that I used for my bubble machine are simple. Yours will differ greatly depending on what you have available. This is a great project to do with scraps, and odds and ends all hacked together. It doesn't have to look amazing, it just has to work. When it starts making bubbles, kids will probably be creaming Wow.
Homemade bubble machine for kids (8)

Material list:
Plastic bottle cap ring (4-8 pieces)
Disposal cup 2
Drinking straw 8
Glass jar (as a stand)


Step 1/10  - Pull the outer end of the paper clip to make a little tail.
Homemade bubble machine for kids

Step 2/10  - Insert the bottle cap ring into the paper clip's curl.
Homemade bubble machine for kids

Step 3/10  - Insert the tail of the paper clip into the drinking straw. Make sure that the bottle cap ring is fixed right, not loose.
Homemade bubble machine for kids

Step 4/10  - Cut a piece of plastic wall and glue it to the straw. 
Homemade bubble machine for kids
Homemade bubble machine for kids

Step 5/10  - Make them eight. (4 or 6 will do, but if you want more bubble, make more of them).
Step 6/10  - Cut down the disposal cup bottom. Poke a hole at the center.
Homemade bubble machine for kids

Step 7/10  - Glue the straw on to make a wheel. Make sure the cup wall piece is in the same direction. Then, You get your ‘flower’.
Homemade bubble machine for kids

Step 8/10  - Insert the wooden stick through the hole and fix the other end of the wooden stick on the glass jar.
Homemade bubble machine for kids

Step 9/10  - Test if your wheel can spin smooth.
Step 10/10  - Put this bubble machine in front of an electronic fan. Put the bubble liquid under the wheel. Make sure the ring can completely be immersed in the bubble liquid. Yes, you have your homemade bubble machine. Have fun.]
Homemade bubble machine for kids

DIY Homemade Bubble Machine - DIY Toy for Kids DIY Homemade Bubble Machine - DIY Toy for Kids Reviewed by Ronyes Tech on July 03, 2020 Rating: 5


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  3. Does the fan blow the bubble wand around or do you have to twist it manually?


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