Viral Science Experiments On Tiktok

Here are the best, viral, and the funniest science experiment videos on TikTok! 
Some science experiments sometimes seem like magic. Science can be found everywhere in daily life. Creators, educators, and science enthusiasts from all over the world create their thought-provoking and interesting science experiment on TikTok. Experiments conducted all over the place, from the lab to classrooms, to the user's yards have exploded on TikTok with millions of views. One guy even showed his viral science experiment video and ask the passers-by if they had seen that video before. Plus some clever creators have begun using their scientific knowledge to make jokes and take part in trends. Someone use the cola and mentos to play a prank on his girlfriend.  Let's take a look at these both entertaining and educating viral science experiment videos. Hope you enjoy it.
Science experiment on TikTok

This guy conducted the world record classic elephant toothpaste experiment. The foram exploded out in a sec to cover his yard. This is the most viewed science experiment on Tiktok, I think. 

Worlds Largest Elephant Toothpaste experiment w/@daviddobrik ##winterbreak ##elephanttoothpaste ##scienceexperiments ##nickuhas ##foam ##chemistry

♬ My House - Flo Rida
Cola and mentos experiment has been the most popular topic on Youtube over the years. It also goes viral on Tiktok too. This video has received 7.5M like so far. You do not want to miss this one.


Giant Balloons of Coke and Sprite + Mentos = ??? ##cocacola ##mentos ##science ##experiment

♬ FREAK - Tyga & Megan Thee Stallion
Create the painting on milk! All the required material to do this science experiment are probably can be found in everyone's kitchen. 

Here’s an easy food coloring idea for kids ##fyp ##kidsoftiktok ##foodcoloring ##scienceexperiments

♬ Lalala - Y2K & bbno$
This Dad showed his kid the Classic Lava lamp experiment. Seeing the color exploded is so satisfying. You can even imagine the sound of it when the tablet is dissolving rapidly.


when dad finds something cool on the internet ##scienceforkids ##scienceexperiments ##lavalamp ##InTheHouseparty @caseybagwell7

♬ Float on the Sound (Ey) - Tiagz
A chemical teacher using sodium alginate to demonstrate the chemical Polymerization. Many followers said that they want to try the chemical outcome. Haha. 


Polymerization of sodium alginate ##chemistry ##hauntedtiktok ##scienceexperiments ##chemteacherphil ##fyp ##spookyseason ##halloween ##faceyourfear ##fypage

♬ original sound - chemteacherphil
What is the soda can made? You might think that it is made of aluminum. Let's see what the soda can is made of from the science experiment by Chemteacherphil.


Not gonna lye, this was a fun experiment! ##learnontiktok ##alwayslearning ##science ##chemistry ##randomthings

♬ Soda Pop - JacobZen
Non-newtonian fluid contains liquid's and solid's characteristics. It can be solid and liquid. Sound unbelivable? Let's find out.

Your safe Non-Newtonian fluid ⚗️ ##WatchMyMagic ##ScienceIsMagic ##science ##nonnewtonianfluid ##ScienceIsFun ##slime

♬ Zero Gravity - Louie Zong
Iron is not to be burnt? Not, that is so not true. This video not only educational touching. It reminds of me those good old days.


For you🔥❤️ ##heart ##firechallenge ##flame ##sciencemoment ##love

♬ My Heart Will Go On - Claire Sweeney
Set hand on fire without actually burnt yourself. Isn't that only magician can do? These guys did it!
What I love this video is the expression the girl had after she got burnt.


science experiments😂 Full video link in bioooo:)

♬ original sound - alexwaarren

If you are searching for the Viral Science Experiments On Tiktok, take a look and see if there is something here for you! 

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    TikTok's "Viral Science Experiments" have become a popular trend, combining entertainment and education. These engaging videos, showcasing complex concepts in a fun and digestible manner, have sparked curiosity and inspired viewers to explore the natural world. The platform's algorithm-driven feed has helped these videos reach viral status, fostering a sense of wonder and appreciation for the natural world.


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