Best TikTok Viral STEM Toys for Kids

STEM toys encourage kids to develop skills to explore, study, foster creativity, and be curious about who the world works — ultimately helping build confidence for the future. 

Could it be a better learning way for kids than learning by playing with toys? Learning about science concepts in a hands-on, fun, and engaging way from a young age helps kids strengthen their skills that will help them later in life, no matter what field they go into. Best STEM toys do this. 

We spent lots of time searching on Tiktok the best STEM toys to encourage educational fun at home right now. 

Best Tiktok Viral STEM Toys for Kids

Tiktok Frozen 2 Snow Globe Suprise Dolls-Pack | Age 5+


Déjà vu anyone? ##fyp ##surprise ##mystery ##toy ##unboxing ##frozen ##disney ##BestThingSince ##dejavu ##foru

♬ original sound - courtschaos
Just add water and watch as the magic of a blustering snow storm appears. This a chemical reaction and your little one would likely be surprised by this. Open the cap, dig through the snow to see which Disneys Frozen character you will find. Fill your snow globe with water, add glitter, shake well then ENJOY your very own FROZEN 2 Snow Globe Surprise. This was really cool when it made the snow and revealed the character! You will definitely buy more and try to get all of the characters. 

Tiktok Antique Terrestrial White MOVA Globe | Age 3+ 


This globe rotated on its own 🌎 🌍 🌏 ##science ##weird ##toy ##hands ##earth

♬ original sound - rickylax

MOVA Globes rotate with no batteries. Just turn on any light and MOVA Globes wake up and begin to rotate. Each globe has a transparent outer shell that remains stationary while an internal shell spins using advanced magnets for torque and solar cells to power the movement. Why does it keep rotating? Why the earth is spherical, while I feel it flat? There will be so many why throw at the parents. Yes, this is what we want. Let the kids ask anything.

Tiktok Classics Jacob's Ladder Retro Wooden Puzzle Toy | Age 4+


Oldie but goodie. The sound is just so satisfying. Jacobs ladder. How does it work?! ##jacobsladder ##oldie ##sciencetoy ##illusion ##cooltoy

♬ original sound - incrediblescience

Jacob's Ladder,the great toy designed based on mechanical movement a century ago. Wood and ribbon, this toy stays in kids' backpack as a go-to for an opening conversation with other kids. It makes use of an optical illusion to enchant and confound children. To set the toy in motion, hold the top block with the single ribbon facing outward. Rotate the wrist forward and backward and watch the blocks fall.

Tiktok Hand Boiler | Age 6+



##foryou ##power ##schweiz ##macig ##blue ##science ##toy

♬ Imagine - Original Mix - $anta

A hand boiler is a toy made out of hand-blown glass and filled with a special liquid called ethyl alcohol. This liquid appears to boil at a low temperature - all it needs is the heat of your hand. The liquid seems to defy the laws of gravity as it 'runs' up the tubes and tries to stay at the top (then quickly sneaks back down when you let go of your hand). All it does is essentially a thermometer.
Perfect toy for the science-loving kid. 

Tiktok Magnetic Levitation Spinning Gyroscope | Age 10+



Do anyone know what exactly the force is to support it? ##levitationchallenge ##physics ##sciencemoment

♬ Can We Kiss Forever? - Kina

Magnetic Levitation Spinning Gyroscope is more a teens' toy for it is kind of difficult to make it suspended for the little kids.  It requires perseverance, patience, coordination, harmony, and flexibility. 
It like a real flying saucer in space, from which you will get a lot of fun and fantastic imagination.
Why it can stay suspension? Several physical laws are behind this toy。There is a permanent magnet inside the flying saucer and inside the chassis, the opposite magnetic poles of the two permanent magnets are the same. When the magnetic axis of the flying saucer is consistent with the magnetic axis of the chassis, the magnetic force can offset the weight of the flying saucer, and the flying saucer can be stable.

Tiktok Wind Gyro | Age 5+



Blow This Top to Spin!! 💥💧❤️##dayattheoffice ##suchascientist ##scienceexperiments ##scienceismagic ##spinning ##rosa

♬ Mission impossible - The Spelding's Jazz Orchestra

Wind Gyro is magic-like toys. Use your mouth to blow, it can magically turn. With perfect stability and rotation, It can also rotate in a small space without falling off.  Wind Gyro is very easy to rotate continuously for more than 4 minutes. Whether it is placed on its own base or on a smooth table or floor, it can be easily rotated. There are more methods waiting for your development. Generally, it is also a good choice to send it to kids as a gift. Kids love to hold a competition 'who can make it spin longer by just one blow'.

Tiktok Frozen Elsa Motion Sensing IR Helicopter | Age 4+


learn from a friend ma very interesting toy, can fly automatically ,very amazing##fyp ##toy

♬ baby duck - bonquiqui

Introducing the Disney Licensed Frozen II Elsa Fairy Motion Sensing IR Helicopter! With a blast flying this vibrant infrared motion-sensing helicopter featuring a rotor system for precise movement, the frozen fairy helicopter will detect nearby objects and is programmed to move away from them so you don't have to worry about breaking anything when it lands a bit too rough.
let go for the helicopter to fly. Holding your hand underneath will keep the helicopter hovering up in the air. Kids are crazy about this.
When done flying you can grab the helicopter carefully and turn it off. 

Tiktok Gesture Sensing Car | Age 8


##toy ##car Smart Gesture Control Remote Car!

♬ lalala - bbno$ & y2k

Dazzling shocking light and music, twisting the tiger whistle, gives you the experience of real car sound. Features of climbing, twisting, rotating, drifting, moving forward and backward, automatic demonstration 360° on,  gesture sensing remote control. The cool action and unlimited fun, giving the child a wonderful operating experience and visual effects. Not a little boy can resist it.  Creative birthday party gift for boys.   

If you are searching for the Best Tiktok Viral STEM Toy for Kids, take a look and see if there is something here for you!

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