How to Turn an Egg into Silver


The normal egg turns into a silver egg. Wow, can we make money out of this? I am sorry. It is just a trick but you can make a lot of fun out of it with your kids. Let’s go.

Age: 5 +           Time: < 10mins


  1. Adult supervision.
  2. Be careful with the flame.
  3. There should be no inflammable or explosive materials around.

 Materials List 

  • Egg
  • Water
  • Candle
  • Lighter
  • Beaker
  • tweezers


Step 1/2 – Break two small holes on two ends of an egg, pour out the content. Light the candle, hold the egg with the tweezers, and blacken the egg by putting egg over the candle flame, constantly rotating the egg.
Silver egg science experiment

Step 2/2 – Put the eggs in a beaker filled with water and you can see that the outer layer of the blackened egg turns into a silver egg.
Silver egg science experiment


What should I do if my eggs are broken by the heat?

- Eggs want constantly rotating to avoid giving a certain part too much heat, which will damage the shell of the egg. You also can do this experiment with only an eggshell.

 Question to Ask 

  1. Why does the egg turn black?
  2. What is the silver covering around the egg in the water?
  3. Remove the eggs from the water, will the silver covering still exist?

 Scientific Description 

The candle blackens the egg. The soot produced by Incomplete combustion of the candle is attached to the eggshell. The root covering made of carbon is loose, and it absorbs a lot of air. The soot re­pels the water and coverings the egg with a thin layer of air, which reflects light, thus making the egg look silver.


  1. You can replace the egg with an eggshell.
  2. You can try to make a suspended silver egg. Suspended egg 


Pour the liquid into the sink and do not forget to wash what you have used.
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