Cool Dry Ice Experiments for Kids

Dry ice is very cool, plus it's also cool! Wondering what to do with dry ice? Kids love doing these hands-on cool dry ice experiments. The magic of bubbly, foggy dry ice makes your science lessons magic-like! 
There are lots of interesting and educational science experiments and projects kids can conduct using dry ice. This collection of easy & cool dry ice experiments is safe, exciting, and memorable!
These cool dry ice experiments are supposed to ignite kids' desire to learn more and curiosity about the science world.
Dry ice is the solid form of carbon dioxide. It isn't dangerous if it's stored and used in the right way. It can cause hazards such as frostbite, asphyxiation, and the possibility of an explosion if it is not used under the instruction. So be careful and have fun!
Cool Dry Ice Experiments for Kids

Dry Ice Boat

Dry Ice Boat

Dry Ice Boat is a super cool experiment in which the dry ice will sail without any gears or propellers. When kids saw the boat sails spinning on the water, with the white bog coming off at the same time, most of them will scream WOW. 

Dry ice crystal ball

Kids love bubbles as well as dry ice. We combine them together to make a STEM activity. It is so cool to play this in the summer days. You will make a big bubble that is filled with the white fog, kind of a magic effect. Have fun.

Dry ice fountain

Dry ice gives off so many fogs that kids can not resist the temptation to play with it. In this Dry Ice Fountain STEM activity, the fog will endlessly come out of the plastic bottle. It is a cool idea to try with kids both at school and at home.

Red Cabbage Juice and Dry Ice

Dry ice is so amazing for it continues to give off white smoke. Red cabbage will turn into different colors under various PH environments. Why not use the cool dry ice to make a cool color-changing science experiment for kids.

Dry Ice Balloon Pop

In this Dry Ice Balloon Pop science experiment, we teach kids how to inflate a balloon using dry ice. The balloon is getting bigger and bigger until it blasts. There will be some WOW from kids when the balloon is getting bigger.

Dry Ice Bomb - Dry Ice Science

Dry ice bombs are illegal in many jurisdictions. But the dry ice I want to show you is an easy science experiment which will teach kids the danger of the dry ice bomb with a safe small demonstration.

Dry Ice Smoke Ring Launcher

Dry Ice Smoke Ring Launcher

The Dry Ice Smoke Ring Launcher is a super cool homemade toy to keep kids fascinated for a good deal of time. It is a great idea to try both at home and at school with kids. 

Dry Ice Bubble Tower

Bubble exerts such fascination on kids that they hardly resist the temptation to play with it. Our Dry Ice Bubble Tower is a cool idea for them. In this experiment, bubbles continue coming out of the measuring cylinder forming a snake-like shape.

Hope you enjoy these easy but impressive dry ice experiments.

Do not have the cylinder for the experiments? Well, What I use is this one on Amazon. If you consider purchasing a set for your little one's science journey, this one is definitely a good choice.

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