Easy Paper Flower Bouquet

No one does not love fresh flowers. Yet, these days, fake flowers have become popular, blossoming forever to decorate living rooms, bedrooms, and even bathrooms. They'll without any doubts last much longer and you don't need to take too much care of them. 

But instead of purchasing artificial flowers, why not craft your own DIY paper flower bouquet from the origami paper. Paper flower bouquet is so fun to make. There are endless options for color combinations and patterns to make a fantastic paper flower bouquet to match your decor style. I believe the only limit is your imagination. 

Easy Paper Flower Bouquet

It is time for some Paper Flowers Bouquet!!! No matter, you are making flowers for your birthday, anniversary, or for a Wedding, paper flower is the best choice. The top of that is you made it yourself. 

All you need to start is pieces of origami paper, scissors, and double-sided tape

Fluffy Paper Flower Bouquet

Use 4×10 sheets of Origami and fold the origami in half.

Fluffy Paper Flower Bouquet 1

Tape the Double-sided tape on the open end.

Fluffy Paper Flower Bouquet 2

Use a pair of scissors cut slits to have a fringe effect all the way down each folded piece.

Fluffy Paper Flower Bouquet 3

Open the piece up and fold it inside out. This helps to keep a fluffier looking pompom. Glue together the two sides together. 

Fluffy Paper Flower Bouquet 4

Roll your first piece up to a paper stick! Add on the second piece and finish rolling so that both pieces have been rolled to form one pompom. Whenever you want to make a larger flower, just roll more pieces on. 

Fluffy Paper Flower Bouquet 5

Fluffy Paper Flower Bouquet 6

3D paper flower bouquet

Fold, fold, and fold the origami paper after the video. Trace a curve onto great paper and cut them out.

3D paper flower bouquet 1

Cut the pointed end down to make a hole.

3D paper flower bouquet 2

Open it up and fold the folded line inside out. You make your flower petals.

3D paper flower bouquet 3

Make it 4 with different sizes.

Cut a vertical strip of origami paper, fold this paper in half vertically, and cut slits halfway along with the paper on the folded side to create a fringe effect.

3D paper flower bouquet 4

Put double-sided tape (Glue is also okay) along the uncut and tightly roll it around a paper stick from one end to the other. That is the flower stamen.

3D paper flower bouquet 5

You then add the flower petals through the stick, in the order of small to large. 

3D paper flower bouquet 6

Make some leaves and you made your paper flower bouquet!

3D paper flower bouquet 7

Carnation paper flower bouquet

Cut origami into the circle and fold it into the sector.  

Carnation paper flower bouquet 1

Trace along the edge to make a wave pattern. Cut it down.

Carnation paper flower bouquet 2

Cut slits halfway along with the sector from the edge to create a fringe effect.

Carnation paper flower bouquet 3

Open it up and roll the center spiral from its outer edge toward the center. Make it 6 with different sizes.

Carnation paper flower bouquet 4
Carnation paper flower bouquet 5

Roll a paper stick and put the petals through the stick one by one from small to big. Glue each one together in the process.

Carnation paper flower bouquet 8

Make some leaves and you make your paper flower bouquet.

Carnation paper flower bouquet 9

Can you believe that the paper flower can blossom in the water? These little paper flowers will actually bloom right before your very eyes!    Check this amazing Paper Flower Blossom On Water. It is quite good a family activity in summer days.

This Origami Plant idea is so cool to do with little toddlers. Just cut and past work. 


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