How to Make a Pen and Pencil Holder

I wonder if you have too many pens and markers in your home? it's been starting to look a little neglected and cluttered!  Why not DIY a stylish pencil holder to organize them. Not only does it keep your things neat and tidy but also can use it to decorate your room. Many options are available for there are so many materials that you can use to make a pencil holder.  Depends on what do you already have at your home or you can get but the result is the same, a stylish pencil holder. So, I want to share a variety of pencil holder made with different materials with you today. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do!
How to make a pencil holder

Toilet paper roll pencil holder

You can make from the toilet paper roll not only funny characters but also a useful pencil holder. This cute pineapple canton character pencil holder with different sizes is always the favorite of kids. You may put in it pencils, markers, pens, crayons, everything that is often indifferent lengths. Moreover, in such a cheerful way, the pineapple pencil holder is a great decoration idea.

Cut toilet paper rolls into different sizes, according to your needs.

Cut a piece of origami strip which will be perfectly sized to the length of your toilet roll.
Wrap the strip all the way around the roll so your toilet paper roll is now entirely yellow.

Glue two small black strips to the top and bottom of the roll.

Draw a cute face on the rolls or whatever you like.

Make a base and circle it with a black strip.

Glue the rolls on it and you make it.

Paper stick pencil holder

Make a colorful pencil holder using paper sticks. This starts with making the paper roll/sticks. Any craft lover will love this pencil holder. It is very easy and simple just rolling and folding. No special preparation is required. This pen holder is quite suitable for those people who love crafting as a leisure time activity. Making it can make your boring leisure enjoyable. 

Roll some Origami paper sticks. You need to make sure that they are almost the same size. You can also use some waste newspaper and then color all the paper sticks.

Make two hexagonal bases out of the cardboard. You can make it a square, triangle whatever. 

Wrap it with origami or just color it.

 If you want to make it triangle then you need four paper sticks that you have already made and if you make it square shape then take five sticks.
So take 7 sticks and attach them on each corner of the base one by one. But in one corner you have to put two sticks.

Put another base on them so that you have the pencil holder bottom.

Take the sticks from one corner where two sticks are placed and make a twist then put it another corner. Do the same thing from every corner and do it again and again until you think the pencil holder is good. 

When a stick is about to finish then take another stick and put it into that stick and glue them together to longer it.

Do it again and again until the pen holder is made. And finally at the last stage attach the stick with glue.

Origami pencil holder

Learn how to fold this beautiful origami pencil holder and get organized. This is an easy origami project. This is the best handmade touch to your desk giving freshness to your workspace. Your desk will never look so tidy.

Popsicle sticks pencil holder

Instead of throwing away your Popsicle sticks, why not collect them and use them to create something amazing like this Popsicle sticks pencil holder. Ice cream sticks pencil holder is a fun project for kids, and it costs almost nothing. Just sticks, glue, and paper. Yes, you did not get it wrong. I can tell you that a stick pen holder seems is a good option to let your kids try some creative projects.

Plastic bottle pencil holder

Plastic bottles are the container for many products and most guys probably have some empty ones in the house now. Saving the bottle to make a cute pen holder is a great idea. You can make a different size pencil holder for different types of pens and pencils. It is so easy to make that you can make it with your kids. What a great parents-kids activity. I am sure they will love them. You can simply put them on the table or hang them on the wall. It is always a good decorating idea.

It is always a good idea to craft with waste. It is not only eco-friendly but also a way of living. 
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