How to Make an Egg That suspended in water?


Have you ever wondered why some stuff float in water while others sink? This experiment we gonna show you will tell you why. Now let’s have a look at it.

Age: 5+         Time: < 20 mins


  1. Do it in the tray.
  2. Be careful with the fragile glassware.
  3. Wear protective gloves and goggles.

 Materials List 

  • Salt 20g
  • Water
  • Food coloring
  • 1L transparent bottle
  • Two 500l beaker
  • Glass rod
  • Dropper
  • Gloves
  • Goggles


Step 1/3 – Pour 500ml water in a beaker, add 20g salt, stir with a glass rod, until the salt completely dissolved. And pour the solution into a 1L clear bottle.
Suspended egg sciecne project

Step 2/3 – Pour gently about 300ml dyed water onto the salt-water solution
Suspended egg sciecne project
Step 3/3 – Drop a painted egg into the mixed liquid. You can see the egg is suspended in the middle of the liquid.
Suspended egg sciecne project


Why does the egg still stand on the top of the water, instead of being suspended in the middle of the liquid?

 — It could be that too much salt is added or the dyed water is added only too quickly to cause the upper and lower layers water mixed.

 Question to Ask 

  1. What is the use of salt?
  2. What else can replace salt?
  3. Why is water divided into upper and lower layers?

 Scientific Description 

The principle behind this experiment is similar to the Rainbow Density Column experiment. It is the difference in density. In this experiment, the density is from large to small: salt water > egg > food coloring water, so the salt water is in the lowermost layer, the egg in the middle, and the colored water on the top.


This experiment can be done by replacing the salt with sugar and try to make your owner rainbow density column.


Pour the liquid into the sink, the eggs can be treated as domestic waste, and do not forget washing what you have used.

The difference in density is what makes this science experiment is. Check out below these easy experiments sharing the same principle that will help your little one better know the concept of density.  

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