Shaving Cream Rain Clouds for Kids

Do you know how rain is formed? This simple hands-on science experiment is a great way to teach kids about the weather, clouds, and rain. We create a beach underwater to make it more attractive to kids. It is a great science activity to do both at home and at school.

Ages: 3+                Est. Time: < 10 mins


  1. Adult supervision.
  2. Be careful with the fragile glassware.

 Material list 

  • Shaving cream
  • Food coloring
  • Water
  • 500ml beaker (transparent containers)


Step 1/2 – Pour about 350ml water into a 500ml beaker and spray a layer of shaving foam on the surface of the water (about 3cm thick).
Shaving Cream Rain Clouds for Kids

Step 2/2– Add drops of different food coloring (2-3ml) to different positions on the shaving foam and wait for a while. The food coloring passes through the shaving foam and sinks in the water, just like a rainbow of rain.
Shaving Cream Rain Clouds for Kids


What if the food coloring does not pass through the shaving cream?

— It may be that the shaving cream is too thick to pass for the food coloring. It is recommended to spray about 3cm thick. It may also be that too little food coloring is added. Add more food coloring.

What if the food coloring is quickly dissolved in the water?

— Add the food coloring drop by drop.
— You can use so cool water.

 Scientific Description 

The density of the shaving foam is lower than that of the water, so the shaving cream will float on the top of the water. The density of the food coloring is higher than that of the shaving cream and water, so it will pass through the shaving foam and go into the water.


You can spray some shaving cream on a white paper, drop some food coloring on the shaving cream. Wait a while and you can get an abstract painting on the paper.


Pour the liquid into the sink and do not forget washing what you have used.

The difference in density is what makes this science experiment is. Check out below these easy experiments sharing the same principle that will help your little one better know the concept of density.  

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