Is It Possible to Draw on Water

Can you imagine that the drawing can float on the water? You may not believe it but it happens. let's see. This amazing Dry Erase Drawing Float on Water experiment with Just a dry erase marker is super easy and simple to try at home or at school.

Age: 3+        Time: <10min


  1. Adult supervision.
  2. watch out, kids may drink the liquid.

 Materials List 

  • Dry erase marker
  • Water
  • Ceramic tray (plate, anything with non-porous surfaces.)


Step 1/2 – Draw whatever you like on the ceramic tray with a dry erase and wait a few seconds for it to dry.
Drawing floats on water

Step 2/2 – Pour a small amount of water into the tray and the drawing will slowly float on the top of the water.
Drawing floats on water


Why my drawing cannot float?
— Make sure you draw it with a Dry erase and wait for a while until it is completely dry. Make sure your pan has a flat surface.

Why my drawing is easy to break after it floats on the top of the water?
— Draw it with a more broad line.

 Question to Ask  

  1. What makes the drawing float on the top of the water?
  2. What kinds of tray else can be used in this experiment?
  3. What drawing can you create, in addition to the small person?

 Scientific Description 

Dry erase inks contain almost no adhesive, which means drawings can be easily wiped away on the non-porous surfaces. When you write down, the solution in the ink will evaporate, leaving the oil materials which are insoluble in water. The leftover is less dense than water, so it can float on the top of the water. When you pour water onto a dry erase, the buoyancy force overcomes the stickiness of the ink, lifting the ink up to the surface of the water.


Can you create your own beautiful drawing?  Let your creativity soars.


Pour the water into the sink. Other materials are recyclable.

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