How to Do the Fork Balance Trick

The Fork Balance Trick is a classic simple bar trick. Most people will be confused when the fork seems suspended in the air. We find this trick attractive to most children. Kids love this. You and your kids can have a lot of fun out of this science project. Let's start to explore what behind this trick.

Age: 5+     Time: < 10 mins


  1. Adult supervision.
  2. Be careful when lighting the match.

 Materials List 

  • Two forks
  • Wine glass  (Anything for supporting)
  • Toothpick (Match stick)


Step 1/3 –Slide two forks connected to each other.
How to Do the Fork Balance Trick

Step 2/3 – Insert a toothpick in the connection of two forks.
How to Do the Fork Balance Trick

Step 3/3 – Place the end of the toothpick along the rim of the wine glass. Do some small adjustments until do feel it is balanced. Let go of your hands, then you get it. Once it stands on its balancing point, you will find that you can even make it swing without falling.How to Do the Fork Balance Trick


Why my forks cannot stay balanced?

– Make sure the tail of the fork is pointing to the wine glass, not vertical to the ground.

 Scientific Description 

The center of gravity of an object is the point which the average location of the weight of an object and all sides are in balance. When the point of the center of gravity and point of the connection share a plumb line, the object is balanced and will stand still. In this experiment, the gravity center of the fork and toothpick system is on the toothpick which shares a plumb line with its point of the connection with a wine glass, so it can stay balanced.


The toothpick can be replaced by different thin sticks, like the match.

 Gift Guide 

There are STEM toys applying the same principle Center of Gravity available on Amazon. If you are looking for something both educational and playful for your little one. This is a great choice.

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