How Come a Soda Can Stand on Its Rim

Have you ever thought that with only a soda can you can demonstrate a science experiment? This Soda Can Stand on Its Rim experiment is amazing in any cases. You mostly will get a wow from the watcher.

Age: 5+     Time: < 10 mins


  1. Be careful the sharp mouth when opening the can.
  2. Better do this experiment on the big tray to avoid some chaotic situations.

 Materials List 

330ml Canned cola


Step 1/1 – open a can of cola, drink it until there is about 1/3 left and, try to balance the cola with its rim on the table.


Why my cola can cannot stand on its rim?

—Theoretically, all kinds of cans can be balanced on its rim but it is just that some are quite difficult to make it.  It is easier to make it when the soda can has a border rim. And, about 40ml -150ml liquid in a 330ml can is easier to demonstrate this experiment.

 Question to Ask 

  1. Can the soda can filled with drinks stand on its rim?
  2. Can empty soda can stand on its rim?
  3. Why cans with different shapes are a lot more difficult to stand on their rim?

 Scientific Description 

The center of gravity of an object is the point that averages the location of the weight of an object and all sides are in balance. When the point of the center of gravity and point of the connection share a plumb line, the object is balanced and will stand still. A 330ml cola can filled with about 1/3 liquid is easier to make its center of gravity and connection between the rim of the can and table share a plumb line. Thereby, it can stand on its rim.


You can try to balance a declining can on,like standing on the glass rim, on a stick and, etc.
Looking at this guy who does the most amazing balancing work. He almost balances anything in an unbelievable way.

 Gift Guide 

There are STEM toys applying the same principle Center of Gravity available on Amazon. If you are looking for something both educational and playful for your little one. This is a great choice.

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