Hammer Ruler Balancing Trick

Have you ever heard that the short is less likely to get knocked over? Do you know why? It is all about the center of gravity. This experiment Hammer Ruler Balancing Trick we going to show is the best demonstration of the center of gravity. And, it looks magic.

Age: 5+           Time: < 10mins


  1. Adult supervision.
  2. Be careful, the hammer may fall to hurt your feet.

     Materials List 

    • Hammer
    • Rope (use a stronger one to avoid being broken)
    • Ruler (or wooden stick)


      Step 1/3 –Tie the two ends of the rope to make a circle and wind around the hammer with a movable knot.

      Step 2/3 – Put the ruler through the ruler, put one end of the ruler horizontally on the edge of the table with another end stretching out, hang the hammer with its head under the table, and it's bottom reach against the ruler so that the rope, ruler, and hammer form a triangle. Make sure the hammerhead is right under the table.

      Step 3/3 – Adjust the rope and connecting point between the bottom of the hammer and ruler until you feel it is balanced. Let go of your hand. Be careful with the hammer, it could fall to hurt your feet.


      Does the length of the connecting rope mater?
      —If the rope is too long and the hammer bottom may not reach the ruler. If it is too short, then the hammer will slide on the ruler.

       Question to Ask 

      Can you think of something to replace the hammer? It requires what kind of future?

       Scientific Description 

      The center of gravity of an object is the point that averages the location of the weight of an object and all sides are in balance. When the point of the center of gravity and point of the connection share a plumb line, the object is balanced and will stand still. We can see the rope, ruler, and hammer as a system and the center of gravity is within the connection between ruler and table. So the ruler keeps standing on just one end.


      Try if you can lift with your finger the hammer and ruler system.


      Place the ruler and hammer back to their place.

       Gift Guide 

      There are STEM toys applying the same principle Center of Gravity available on Amazon. If you are looking for something both educational and playful for your little one. This is a great choice.

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