Why Are Ants Scared of Ink? | Science Fact

You may have seen the video in which the ant dare not cross over the ink, being trapped by a circle of ink. Why are ants scared of ink? The ant looks kind of stupid. But do you know why the ant acts this way?

Why Are Ants Scared of Ink  Science Project (1)

Before getting right into this question, we need to know how ants find its path. Have you ever noticed that the ants always crawl along certain paths? It turns out that ants follow up the line by sensing the scent left by other ants. This makes them follow a direct single ordered path towards food or shelter so that they don't get lost. This scent is called pheromone which is a chemical scent that animals use to communicate with other members of their species. This can be found in many species that work together.  For example, virgin queen honey bees produce a pheromone that tells worker honey bees to back off.

Why Are Ants Scared of Ink  Science Project (1)

Let's back to the track. Forager ants search for food or shelter, by sensing through the scents so that when the plane is spread with the scent of ink, the ink circle is like cutting off the road in front of the ant and the ant will not know where to go anymore. One effective way of getting rid of ant in the house is using something with a strong odor and the ants would not come to the places you don't want them to come anymore. If you drew a circle across the ant, and leave an arc, the ant will end up escaping through it.

Why Are Ants Scared of Ink  Science Project (1)

When the foraging ants find food, they will mark the surface with chemicals as they return to the nest. As more ants pass back and forth, more and more pheromone builds up. Some trails can be dense with worker ants, depending on the foraging strategies of the ants. Similarly, when ants are moving from one nest to another, they will lay and follow a pheromone trail.

You can disrupt the pheromone trail with chalk, some chemical, or even with your finger.

Ants scurry around all day long, searching for food, building the nest, and protecting the queen. An ant colony is kind of like an industrious human city in some way: everyone has a job to do and they get on with it.

Taking care of an ant farm helps to instill a sense of responsibility in a child. They have to feed and water their ant pets every day. In return, kids can observe the fascinating way how ants work together, how ants interact with their environment, how the ant colony grows, and how they thrive. LED Ant farms is a wonderful educational item for kids to have their ants.

Ant farms are amazing and we are confident your kids will agree. See the best Ant Farms and pick up one for your kids.

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