Fake Snow Recipes for Christmas

A Snowy Christmas

Christmas is around the corner and the kids are getting really EXCITED! Chances are they are dreaming of a snowy Christmas, a winter wonderland. But sometimes a dream is just a dream, just no white snow to make it a reality? On the other hand, Imagine how excited they would be if you, parents give them a snowy Christmas?  I mean an artificial snow Christmas. This is a dream that can always come true. Create some fake snow with your little one is always an amazing activity to try at home. Instead of playing it in the cold air, kids can have the snow fun in a warm home. Simple materials, simple play but big opportunities for learning, creating and exploring. Make this holiday filled with wonder and exploration for them!

Fake Snow Recipes for Christmas

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Indoor Snow Fun

We’re sharing several ways that you can make your own fake snow with things that you probably already have on hand. Fake snow presents an opportunity to break away from this boring outdoor-activity-less time during the outbreak COVID-19. Ideally, families would get to play in the snow, without the brutal winds, ice, and winter storms. 

Fun Snow Activity

These creative snow making ways, I am sure, will create hours of fun for little ones! They can play with this fake snow, create their own snowman, or even have a snow fight (Of course, it would be a little messy).

Fake Snow Recipe for Christmas

Below are all sorts of Fake Snow Recipe for Christmas I found on the internet, content that will work and instructive. They have so many ways to play with. They can be made with different materials. You just need to pick out what you wanna do.

Simple Fake Snow Recipe from KiwiCo

Simple Fake snow recipe from KiwiCo

Baking soda + Shampoo + (optional: Food coloring, White or silver glitter, Toys to play in the snow)

The required material is simple, probably you have them right on hand and you can do it right now! It is easy to make. You can even add food coloring and glitter to create an incredible snow world. It is good for the development of younger kids’ sensory play. This is definitely a try if you want to do something fun and educational with your young kids.

Corn Starch Snow Recipe from Preschool STEM 

Corn Starch Snow Recipe from Preschool STEM

Baking soda + Corn starch + Candy. 

This fake snow made from all common kitchen stuff. It is easy to build a tinny snowman. It can also be popped in the freezer to make it cold to the touch just like real snow. 

Shaving Cream Snow Recipe from Make  Life Lovely

Shaving Cream Snow Recipe from Make  Life Lovely

Baking Soda + Shaving Cream

Some shaving cream was scented which make this Instant snow more attractive to kids! 

Caution: It smells good so kids might eat it. Pay attention!

Instant Fake Snow from Steve Spangler

Instant Fake Snow from Steve Spangler

If you still feel that it is too complicated to prepare all the materials, you can have an instant snow product. Just add water to make gallons of white fluffy snow in seconds!

This is one of the start product of Steve Spangler Science. One of the advantages of this product is that the snow can be dried out to reuse countless times. This is a good way to show your kids the importance of recycling. 

Tips: Recommended for children ages 4 and up with adult supervision.

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Looking for more STEAM projects and inspiration for Christmas?

Have more Christmas fun :

Melting Baking Soda Christmas Tree Activity for Kids 

It is hard for kids to resist this fizzy green Christmas tree. This is always winning a WOW effect among young kids.

Fake Snow Recipes for Christmas

Milk Painting for Christmas

Milk Painting is a classic STEM activity, with household materials. We all know that green and red are the color of Christmas. We made these two colors into this science experiment to make it a Christmas feel.

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