2021 Best Youtube Science Experiment Channels for Kids

2021 best science experiment youtube channel for kids

Kids Are Natural-Born Scientists

The moment the kids are born, they are always into everything around them and begin to spend their days learning about this amazing world around them. 

When kids are getting older, they become more curious about all the things around them and begin to ask about how and why things work the way they do. They are thirsty for knowledge to understand this world. Young children, at their early ages, have a great desire to explore. These are their prime days of learning.  

They love to do things by themselves. They may spend a whole try to fix a broken toy. They may watch the ants so concentrated that forget the mealtime. They are this concentrated and how can they miss the fun of the science world? Easy and safe science experiments, which I take leave to think, are the ideal choice for them to explore. It will help to build their critical thinking.

Nowadays science kits,  science books, and hands-on science projects enable many fabulous ways to help children's science explorations. Yet, there is another great science learning resource for kids that most parents might miss is YouTube with a wide selection of channels to choose from, on almost any subject that you could possibly think of.

Is there a better combo than science experiments on YouTube? YouTube offers a variety of both educational and fun science projects just waiting for eager young minds to learn!

But, Chances are If you head over to YouTube searching for science videos. you are to be inundated with choices. In an effort to make finding the great channels that will inspire kids and keep kids engaged, we’ve narrowed down this list of useful, interesting, and entertaining YouTube science channels to walk children through the easy but educational science projects. Hope this can be of some help to you.

Note: As with all YouTube channels, please watch these videos with your kids. Some experiments require fire or some special materials. Make sure that your kids conduct experiments under adult supervision.

Best Youtube Science Experiment Channels for Kids to follow

Sick Science!

This is a must-watch Youtube channel for any kids who want to dig a little bit into science experiments. This channel is created by Steve Spangler, a bestselling author, and famous STEM educator. 

In spite of the fact that most videos in this channel are short, only one minute around, they are well designed with clear instruction. It is just that the instructions are written on the screen stead of narrated, so it is better to watch them with children who are able to read along in order to get the most benefit.


This channel is by a handsome father of two adorable boys. The father spends time teaching his two kids how to think creatively while having fun doing some science experiments. 

They love exploring coolest science activities, fun educational toys, building sets, wooden toys, activity books, and creative papercraft. 

This Youtube channel is especially good for kids aged from 4 - 8.

Home Science

This channel makes some more advanced science experiments, some of which seem so incredible that even a grown-up may give it a Wow. They are more suitable for high schools who desire to explore something which is more of a Wow around effect. They are kind of dangerous for kids to do those kinds of experiments, I think so I suggest that parents conduct the experiment and kids watch or just watch it with your kids. But not just watch, explore with your kids how and why those experiments happen.

Hoopla Kids Lab

This great Youtube channel contains Lots of science demonstrations and project ideas for all ages. This is definitely a place for inspiration. They intend to keep the science projects simple and awesome at the same time. The best about this channel is that every individual experiment is narrated to make it easy to follow.


KiwiCo is created by a Mom named Sandra. A Mom knows better than others what children need.  They are in the hope to help kids think BIG and act like creators and producers.  They hire creative professional designers who dream up the projects, valued experts who review them. They even find a group of kid testers to ensures the projects are fun and engaging. This is definitely highly recommended.


This channel is owned by Bob have presentations at events around the world including the USA Science & Engineering Festival, the World Science Festival,  The White House Science Fair, and Maker Faire events in the US, Rome, and Singapore. Moreover, Bob provides instructions and videos for interactive science projects on his web site.

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