Underwater Flashlight Craft for Kids 2020

Kids love the sea. They long to explore the sea,  yet we are not going out due to the pandemic. Never mind. We can build a mysterious undersea world of our own, by using a ziplock bag and a dry erase marker. The moving flashlight will bring a beautiful underwater scene to life.  We are gonna turn this activity Undersea Flashlight Craft into a learning game for kids. Kids can draw their paintings on the ziplock bag and then, with a  explore their own created undersea world.  

You’ll get started by drawing sea creatures on the ziplock bag, like jellyfish, sea horses, starfish, and so on. This helps to develop your kid's imagination. It is fun for then to learn the name of so many sea creatures by like playing a game. Parents will enjoy the joys this easy-to-make “toy” brings.

Underwater Flashlight Craft for Kids 2020

Then, use a flat flashlight made by white paper to reveal the dark mysterious undersea created by kids.

 Material list 

  Ziplock bag                                  Black cardstock                                  Colored markers

White cardstock




Step 1/6 - Put the white cardstock under the clear bag. (Just put the bag on the light color background. This is to help you see things better while drawing on the bag)

Underwater Flashlight Craft for Kids 2020 Step 1

Step 2/6 - Create your underwater world. If you do not know how to start, you can see this video.  How To Draw Sea Creatures? 

Underwater Flashlight Craft for Kids 2020 Step 2

Step 3/6 - Paint colors on it to make it more vivid.

Underwater Flashlight Craft for Kids 2020 Step 3

Step 4/6 - Put a black cardstock in the ziplock bag. (you’ll need to trim it to fit within the ziplock bag. If there is a label anywhere on the bag, make sure to place it face down on the table.  )

Underwater Flashlight Craft for Kids 2020 Step 4

Step 5/6 - Draw a flashlight and cut it down. (You need to leave the light beam white.)

Underwater Flashlight Craft for Kids 2020 Step 5


Step 6/6 - Put the flashlight between the bag and the black cardstock. Moving the flashlight to explore the dark sea. 

Underwater Flashlight Craft for Kids 2020 Step 6

Now it's time for the fun!

Let the white beam illuminating your underwater scene!

Besides a flashlight, you can even create a submarine or a diver to explore the dark deep sea.

 Ideas for scenes 

outer space



What else did you come up with? comment below to let everybody know!

Interested in the underwater world? Our Cartesian Bottle Diver is another underwater themed activity for kids. You can make the diver go down water by just a squeeze of the plastic bottle.

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  4. what kind of markers do you need to use on the bag?

  5. How do you direct the paper flashlight into the bag? Do you cut the bag open?

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