Who to Burning Money Without Damage it


Burning money is never a good idea unless you know this is a trick.  We are going to show you how to set money on fire without damage it. And the required material is easy to attain. This is amazing.

Age:8+          Est. Time: <30mins


  1. Adult supervision
  2. No flammable materials in the neighborhood in case of fire
  3. Wear safety gloves and goggles
  4. Be careful with the glassware and the burning fire

 Materials list 

  • 99.5% alcohol 50ml (other kinds of high concentration of alcohol is okay, but low concentration)
  • Water
  • 2g salt (optional)
  • 100ml cylinder
  • 100ml beaker
  • Glass rod
  • Tweezers
  • Spoon
  • Dropper
  • Banknote (higher denomination if you're brave)
  • Lighter


Step 1/3 – Take 50ml of alcohol, 50ml of water, and 2g salt into the beaker and stir until the salt completely dissolved.

Who to Burning Money Without Damage it

Step 2/3 – Soak the banknote in the alcohol-water solution and use the dropper to draw the solution to completely wet the banknote.
Who to Burning Money Without Damage it

Step 3/3 – Allow any excess liquid to drain. keep the banknote far away from the alcohol-water solution, and light the banknote and see what happens.
Who to Burning Money Without Damage it


What if I don't have 99.5% alcohol?
 - Other concentrations of alcohol are acceptable, just keep the ratio of alcohol to water 1:1. For instance, if you use 75% alcohol, you should use 67g 75% alcohol and 33g water instead.

Why is the fire weak and almost invisible?
- The flame produced by alcohol is light blue, which is not easy to observe. You can add salt to attain the yellow flame or calcium acetate red flame.

Why is my banknote burning?
- The alcohol content in the mixed solution is too high or you do not completely wet the banknote.

 Question to ask 

  1. Why did the banknote not burn?
  2. Can the fire on the paper light other items?
  3. What is the use of salt in this experiment?

 Scientific description 

The rationale behind the non-burning banknote is that the temperature is not high enough to light the banknote. Any object must be lit above a certain temperature which is called the ignition point. And, the ignition point is different from item to item. When the banknote is lit, the alcohol is what actually burns,not the banknote.  The mixture of alcohol and water used in this experiment produces a temperature that exceeds the ignition point of the banknote, so if a piece of the dry banknote touches the flame, the banknote will be lighted. However, for wet banknotes, the water on the banknote absorbs the flame heat when the water evaporates so that the temperature is under the ignition point of the banknote. Therefore, the banknote will never be burnt as long as the banknote remains wet during this experiment.


  1. The items with different metal ions can be added to the solution to produce different flame colors.
  2. You also can make a paper-made water pot by using paper to fold into a paper pot, filling it with water, burning the bottom of the paper pot. And the paper will not be burnt.


Add a large amount of water to the liquid and pour it into the sink. And do not forget washing what you have used.
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