How to Keep Invisible Message? (Insivible Lemon Juice Ink)

Kids have been crazy about writing invisible messages so that they can keep their little secrets. Our Invisible Lemon Juice Ink is a good idea for them to try. It is for both fun and education. They are definitely gonna enjoy this so much.

Ages: 5+                Est. Time: < 20 mins


  1. Be careful of lemon juice splashing into your eyes.
  2. Be careful with the fire when backing the paper.
  3. Adult supervision

 Materials List 


Step 1/3 – Cut the lemon in half and squeeze the juice out in a cup.
How to Lemon Juice to Keep Invisible Message?

Step 2/3 – Use a cotton swab to dip some lemon juice and write down words on the paper. After writing, let it dry and the words will disappear.
How to Lemon Juice to Keep Invisible Message?

Step 3/3 – Light the candle, put the dried paper a little above the flame to bake it, and you will find that the previously written words will appear on the paper. Make sure not to let the paper touch the flam or it will be burnt.
How to Lemon Juice to Keep Invisible Message?


Why my paper is easy to burn? 

—    You are not supposed to put the paper on the flame.

Why my words are not weak?

—    It can be that the baking time is not long enough or the lemon juice you write it too thick.

 Scientific Description 

The lemon juice is rich in carbon compounds, and the carbon compound reacts with the oxygen producing the brown product. When you write words using the lemon juice, carbon-based compounds in the juice were absorbed into the paper’s fibers and disappear when it is dry. When the paper is heated, the reaction with oxygen in the air goes a lot quicker. That is why the words appear on the paper when we heat the paper. The cut apples, bananas, and other fruits will turn brown in the air if it is exposed to air for too long because the carbon compounds in the fruit are exposed to oxygen and the reaction takes place.


You can try different kinds of fruit juice. See if they share the same effect?

We pop up the balloon with the lemon peel without touching the ballon.
Pop a Balloon Without Touching it

Can you believe that a normal lemon can generate electricity? Well, let's see Lemon Battery
Lemon battery
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