How to Make a Tea Bag Fly

The Flying Tea Bag is a super fun and easy science experiment for kids. With just a light, we can make the tea bag fly. Kids can do it at school and at home. The required material can be found in almost any house.

Age: 5+       Time: <10min


1. Be careful with the fire. Make sure there is no flammable stuff around.
2. Adult supervision.
3. Make sure that you have enough space above the surface for the tea bag to float up.

 Materials List 

  • Black tea bag
  • Lighter
  • Scissors
  • Ceramic dish


Step 1/3 – Cut off a tea bag rim and empty the teabag. Get off the label and string.How to Make a Tea Bag Fly Science Activity Step1

Step 2/3 – Unfold the teabag, shape it into a cylinder, make sure it is opened up, and stand it on the ceramic dish.
How to Make a Tea Bag Fly Science Activity Step2

Step 3/3 – Light the upper end of the teabag and when the tea bag burns completely, the tea bag ash will fly upward.
How to Make a Tea Bag Fly Science Activity Step3


Why is it difficult to stand my tea bag on the dish? 

Make sure there is no wind around.

 Scientific Description 

It is the density differences behind this science experiment. When we ignite the tea bag, the air in the tea bag is heated. The air molecules inside begin to move more quickly and spread out to take up more space so the density of the air inside becomes less dense. As we know the less dense stuff in liquid or gas state will rise up. the force of the rising hot air is strong enough to quickly lift the light teabag ash upward. When it cools down and then, the tea bag will fall back to the ground.


How many tea bags can you make it fly at the same time?
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