Cute Fruit, Vegetable Steam Dough, Buns(Baozi) Recipes For Kids - Recipes for Kids

                   Cute Fruit, Vegetable & Cartoon Steam Buns(Baozi) For Kids

3D Fruit, Vegetables and Character Steam Dough(Baozi) Too Cute to Eat

Feel like you’re banging your head against the wall trying to figure out why your kid refuses to eat at all? Whatever the issue, you shouldn’t try to force a child to eat. But as a good cook, we must figure something out to solve this situation. 

My favorite tip that can make a huge difference is making some cute food with your kids. The food must be diverse and fresh. I think there is no way better than our cute, colorful, nutritional, steamed dough ideas. This easy edible dough recipe is fun and you can make it right at home! Play with it and then eat it after.

Cute Fruit, Vegetable Steam Dough, Buns(Baozi) Recipes For Kids

 Cute Fruit, Vegetable Steam Dough, Buns(Baozi) Recipes For Kids

Cute Fruit, Vegetable Steam Dough, Buns(Baozi) Recipes For Kids

Fresh fruits and vegetable juice are used to dye the dough. Yeast fermentation not only makes the dough taste good but also improves its nutritional value. It is healthy and nutritious for kids. 

Get some material and have fun with your kids. These dough ideas, I really think, can bring out your kid's creativity. They can build anything they like. Most of all, kids are hard to say no to their masterpiece. They will be enjoying the food made by themself. 

Cute Steam Buns

This easy edible dough recipe is fun and you can make it right at home! Play with it and then eat it after.

Foster a love for cooking with these fun recipes for kids! Your kids will love all these different food creations. Food art at its finest!

Cute Cartoon Steam Buns(Baozi) For Kids

Letter & Number Steam Buns(Baozi)


50g water 
20g organic vegetable juice

If you just wanna play and do not plan to eat them. You can have this Playdough from Amazon.

Organic color: 

     Red: beetroot and dragon fruit
     Orange: carrot
     Yellow: pumpkin
     Green: spinach and matcha powder
     Blue: Butterfly Pea
     Purple: purple potato and purple cabbage
     White: Chinese yam
     Black: cuttlefish sauce, black sesame

Steam Buns(Baozi) Dough color

You can also make different stuffed buns.
Pumpkin Steam Buns(Baozi) For Kids

How To Creates 3D Steam Dough?

Steps 1/4 - Clean the raw materials of fruits and vegetables and cut them into small pieces, then use a juicer to beat them into a paste.

Edible Play dough

Steps 2/4 - This step is crucial. The fermentation of the dough determines the shape and taste of the steamed dough. We mix the noodles according to the proportion of 1g yeast 50g water 20g juice per 100g flour. You can add some milk to make it milk flavor. Mix them well. Now you have to knead it for a few minutes. This part is pretty critical so keep going until you are really happy with the consistency. (If it’s a little sticky still, add some more flour to the board and if it seems too dry you can wipe it with a little more water. Don’t add too much though as a little goes a long way. You, I am sure, don’t want to be playing the water-flour balancing game!)

Edible Play dough

You made it. See, I told you it was easy! Forget to tell you that there are available Complete Dough Mixer Machine for us.

Step 3/4 - This step is fun. Build whatever you like with these ready colorful dough. A snowman, a car, a follower... To be honest, I am not the one with lots of imagination so I would get some molds. Just a press is needed and everything is perfect.

Edible Play dough

Step 4/4 - Leave it at room temperature for one hour for fermentation. Place the dough on the steamer, remember to leave a gap between each other, so that the dough would not come together during the steaming process (the steamed one is about 1.5 times bigger than the unsteamed one). Steam them for about 15 minutes. let's see what your and your kid's works would be like. I wonder If it is too beautiful for you to eat your masterpiece.

Edible Play dough

Steam Buns(Baozi) Recipes Q & A

How long do I have to knead the dough?
I used 100g flour and I knead it for  10mins. It depends on so many factors. if the surface is smooth, that is ok. 

What molds do you use to make buns?
I use these everyday! They are great! Easy to use and wash!

What brand of flour do you use?
My kids love this one so much that I have forgotten how many I have bought. 

What kind of yeast do you use?
I have used so many different kinds of yeasts and so far I think this is the best one.

What kind of steamer do you use?
This fits into my 6 qt instant pot just fine!

Why does my steamed dough have a lot of bubbles?
The dough is not kneaded enough.

Why did my buns collapse after cools down?
You added too much water. 

How do I know that the fermentation of the dough is good?
The steamed dough would be1.5 times larger than the unsteamed one, for example, the 3cm bun becomes about 4.5cm, or Use your finger to press the bun, and if it rebounds slowly the fermentation is ok.
How long do I have to wait to fermentate well? 
It varies from place to place, temperature to temperature. Especially in winter and summer. In summer, you just need to wait several minutes under while in winter you need to make a small warm room to fermentate.

Why is my bun stiff?
It may not be that the fermentation is not enough or the yeast has died.

These baked works can be called works of art! They are too aesthetic for you to think that you are gonna eat them, aren't they?

McDonald's fries Inspired Steam Buns(Baozi) For Kids

Halloween Cute Steam Buns

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  1. I cannot see the recipe....nice explained but no recipe

    1. Thank you for your comment, telling me this question. I have updated this article. The recipe part was added to this article. Thank you.

  2. This is great but when do you add the color to the flour? Do you blend/juice the fruit/veggies with the flour to make the paste? Then add the yeast, water, juice
    Do you blend/juice the raw materials then add the flour... and then add the yeast and water and juice?
    Lastly how much of the juiced raw material do you use?
    thank you in advance :)

  3. Can we mix vegetable and fruit with flour

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