Anti-Gravity Ring | STEM Activity

This Anti-Gravity Ring is a magic trick. The ring goes upward, appearing defying the gravity. This physics illusion trick is relatively easy to perform, yet it's deceptive and eye-catching. Let’s make it now.

Age: 3+          Time: <10min


1. Adult supervision.
2. Be careful, the rubber band might beat you.

 Materials List 

  • Rubber band
  • Key ring


Step 1/4 – Put the rubber band through the ring, grab one end of the rubber band with your right hand, the middle of the rubber band with the left hand.Anti-Gravity Ring | Stem Activity Step1

Step 2/4 – pull the rubber band tight so that it appears to others to be longer than it actually is. Tilt the rubber band,Let the ring stays near your left hand. Anti-Gravity Ring | Stem Activity Step2

Step 3/4 – Remember to hide the extra band rubber in your fist.Anti-Gravity Ring | Stem Activity Step3

Step 4/4 – Constantly and slowly release some of the extra rubber band in your left hand and at the same time, keep the rubber band tight. The ring will move upward to your right hand.
Anti-Gravity Ring | Stem Activity Step4


1. Why did my ring slip down? 
— It could be that you do it at a big angle. Do the trick in a smaller angle. Always keep the rubber band tight.

2. Why my ring was Vibrating when I released the rubber band? 
— Release the rubber band constantly and slowly. It usually takes some practice.

 Scientific Description 

The ring moves due to the Elastic deformation of the rubber band and friction with the rubber band.  Elastic deformation is the temporary change in length, volume, or shape produced in an elastic substance by stress that is less than the elastic limit of the substance. In this experiment, the rubber band extends to a certain length within its elastic limit. After you release the rubber band will slowly return to its original state. The friction between the ring and rubber makes the ring unmoved, relative to the rubber band which is actually moving. Thus the rubber band carries the ring upward.                            


1. If the rubber band is too much extended, it will break or will not restore the shape. It is beyond the limit of elastic deformation.
2. Being creative, you can have your own ideas. Check out the experiment of the same principle we did, Halloween Anti-Gravity Glow-in-the-Dark Ghost.

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