How to transport a big whale shark?

How, you may wonder, the whale shark is taken to the Ocean park? It is very interesting. 

The transportation of whale sharks, a large marine creature, is relatively complicated. First, use a crane to lift the whale shark from the sea, put it on a stretcher, and then transfer it to the big water tank.How to transport a big whale shark

At this time, it should also be noted that we must get rid of other fish caught in the fishing process because these fish will consume oxygen in the water tank, oxygen that is a must to keep the whale shark alive.

Once the whale shark is put into the water tank, it needs to be transported as soon as possible. Because the bad quality water in the water tank will seriously endanger the health of the whale shark, and no matter what kind of water circulation and oxygen is provided in the water tank, it is not as good as the water in the sea.

Whale sharks in the water tank will be taken to the airport, and then taken to their destination by plane. Many airlines now have the experience of transporting this marine life, and they will have the staff to continuously monitor the health of the whale shark.
How to transport a big whale shark

After arriving at the destination, the whale shark will be put in the new water to let it slowly adapt to this new water and it is taken a series of physical examinations to make sure its physical condition is good, and finally, put the whale shark into the artificial sea with a crane.How to transport a big whale shark

All of this transporting process requires to be extremely careful, and a little mistake may cause the whale shark to die.

Of course, not all giant marine organisms are transported in this way, and there are more clever ways, like

Just raise the young whale in the ocean park and wait for it to grow up.

Since young, they grow in the ocean park so that they live in the artificial seawater a lot better than those caught when grown-up.
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