How To Demonstrate Friction With Two Books?

I am confident you have heard the word Friction many many times. Yet, do you know what exactly it is? Our Book Friction science experiment will be an awesome demonstration of the friction.

Age: 3+          Time: <10min


Adult supervision.

 Materials List 

2 notebooks (thick magazines, notepads or tablets of sticky notes)
Book friction experimnet


Step 1/2 – Interleaved the two book pages one by one.
Book friction experimnet

Step 2/2 – Lift any one of two books, you will find the other one will go together.
Book friction experimnet


Why my two books can not go together? 
— Make sure you overlap the pages one by one and enough page is interleaved. You also can increase the touching area of two books.

 Scientific Description 

What behind this experiment is Friction? Friction is the force resisting the relative motion of solid surfaces, fluid layers, and material elements sliding against each other. When the two pages are interleaved together, the friction between two pages is generated when you try to separate them. A small friction force is amplified by a large number of pages in contact. If two interleaved books result in a huge force more than the maximum friction they could generate, two books will be separated. Whoever that is not the case in this experiment where the gravity of the book can not separate them.


You can use the rice to demonstrate the friction too. Check what we have done before.
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